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  1. FS: Yami FZ-07 Parts:Windscreen, Rad Guard, Tankring+bag, Int. Tail LED, Akra Full TI

    FZ-07 Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hi there! New temporary member from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm trading in my 2016 Yamaha FZ-07 with yellow rims in for a 2017 Ducati Supersport S. I missed the full fairing life. My loss, your gain, I will be actively providing discounts to those who are willing to meet with or buy from me...
  2. Power Commander tune for Australian MT-07 with mods

    FZ-07 / MT-07 Performance
    Hi all Just signed up to the forum :D A couple weeks ago I brought myself an MT-07 (FZ-07). The Australian version is slightly different so it can comply with the learner approved laws we have here. It's a 655cc instead of the 689cc found on the HO version. My MT has a full akra exhaust...
  3. Akrapovic baffle WANTED

    FZ-07 Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hi all! Just installed an Akrapovic pipe on my fz07, but it's darn loud! Anyone out there take their baffle/dB killer out and willing it to part it out to me? :) I'm in Vancouver Canada! Thanks!
  4. Yoshimura vs Akrapovic

    FZ-07 Builds
    Which do you guys prefer? Which gives most performance boost? I'm looking at one of them and I can't decide which to get. They both are awesome exhausts.