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  1. FZ-07 /MT-07 Common Problems/Issues
    it's my first bike from 2016 June. i found 3 features make this bike not so perfect. I still love it, will give it a high review. 1. I found the riding is not very smooth in first and 2nd gear compare to other bikes. i had a big pulling back feeling when i turn throttle just a bit to speed...
  2. FZ-07 Pictures / Videos
    Here's my 2016 fz-07 MODs... Zeus Armor crash/stunt bars and back bars axle sliders handlebar sliders Denali Sound BOMB ( truck horn )
  3. FZ-07 For Sale / Wanted
    WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR COMPLETE BIKE ( I plan to transplant engine into another frame) So as long as the engine runs I'm interested. thanks Al 858 774 3782
1-3 of 3 Results