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  1. CRG Arrow Mirrors w/Custom Bar end Mounts

    FZ-07 Parts for Sale / Wanted
    SOLD these have about 900 miles on them (only about 1500 on the bike)
  2. What type of RAM Mount do you have?

    FZ-07 / MT-07 Gear & Accessories
    Hi everyone, What type of RAM Mount do you have? Reservoir? Fork stem? Mirror base? I'd like to avoid the U-bolt and Claw type mounts because they seem a little less secure to me (but if I'm totally wrong, I'd love to hear your experience.) Attach some pics! I removed/discarded my stock...
  3. Powermadd Star Hand Guards with Mirrors - Review/Install writeup

    FZ-07 / MT-07 Gear & Accessories
    It's getting colder each day here in NY and I plan on riding until they start salting the roads. To help keep my hands warm I've opted for hand guards (but I'm close to getting grip warmers) and was able to find a solution that would give me bar end type mirror. I opted for the slightly...