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Hello MT07 Gang,
Here are just some of the mods(below) I have done to this machine! It’s a 2020 Yamaha MT07 Build Custom by myself!

-FTECU Bike Side Harness
-FTECU QuickShifter
-FTECU ActiveTune!
-2WDW Flash(of course)
-M4 Exhaust
-AirBox Deleted
-Carbon-Smith Short velocity stacks with MWR Pod Filter!
-Progressive Suspension(Front-and-Rear)
-Antigravity Battery
-Carbon fiber(everywhere)
-CoreMoto Brake Lines
-Luimoto Custom Seat(Rider&Passenger)
-Perelli Rosso 3 Tires
-ASV Levers Shorty F3
-Graves Chain Guard
-MotionPro Rev2 Street Throttle Kit, -Woodcraft Technologies Handle Bars(raised 1 inch)
-TST Industries Blinkers- TST Chain tensioner-TST Fender eliminator-TST Worx Rear Sprokets 520 44 tooth
-520 Vortex Front 17 tooth front Sprocket -EK Purple 520 X-Chain
-Quad-Lock Phone mount
-Color clusters Purple Dash
-MC Motorsport Gas Cap And Base
-MC Motorsport Bar end Mirrors

Here are a few pictures! I will post more later! If you think you might need help with something, please feel free to reach out! Thanks! All these are must do MODS for the bike! ALso I don’t recommend getting any of these performance modifications done till you have FIX the suspension in this Bike.

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