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From my Tampa, FL craigslist ad...which is not showing up for some reason???
Email me at: [email protected] or call/txt 315-767-3123 so I can send pics if the ones in attachments don't show
...I hate the photo hosting programs--sorry

rice: $7,400—pretty firm on price

Total Value: $9,413 excludes all shipping, fees, and labor costs; the break-down below is parts only plus the bike cost.

Everything that anyone would aspire to do is complete with premium products. She is mint condition without a scratch! Clean title and I have it in-hand. You’ve read all the raving reviews of the FZ-07 and now the bike is even better and twice as fun since some of the flaws have been fixed and more performance has been unleashed. Take any other FZ-07 for a test spin then ride this one…the tune, the Akra exhaust, and other goodies put any other stock/partial stock FZ-07 to shame. There is no other FZ-07 that will perform and look as good as this one on the used or new market for sale at a price like this. I have been extremely particular building my dream bike but life threw me a curve ball and I must, very unfortunately, part with it. I am willing to take a $2k loss to move it quickly. I am being honest and showing you all that was paid for everything so you get a sense of what you’re getting for a fantastic deal. Look online and do the math and you’ll see. It has just over 3,000 miles (at the time of this post). The tires have another ~4k miles left.

Full Breakdown

-Bike: $6,800 new cost

-Akrapovic Full Ti Race exhaust: $1,000

-2Wheeldynoworks ECU tune/flash (tuned for Akro exhaust/baffle in and K&N with snorkel off of air box) follow link for full fixes/enhancements of the tune https://2wheeldynoworks.com/fz-07/: $325

-Givi windscreen: $135

-Speigler FZ-07 custom steel braided brake lines in smoke/Ti hardware in package ready to install (online video step-by-step): $180

-EOS Frame and spool sliders: $120

-CRG folding lane splitter mirrors with treaded adapters: $165

-EVO Radiator cover: $100

-Superlight black Rr. Sprocket: $45

-Yamaha OEM seat cowl: $200

-TST industries LED Yamaha front blinkers: $25

-Phillips superbright front light bulb: $25

-Blue/purple mesh inserts in front intake: $45

-Yoshi Fender Eliminator: $60

-Mad Hornets Shorty brake/clutch levers

-Motodynamic Integrated brake light/turn signal: $90

-Yamaha OEM R6 ¼ turn throttle upgrade (from stock 1/5): $27

-K&N air filter (snorkel removed): $45

*Fresh Mobil 1 full synthetic oil change w/ K&N air filter w/ socket attachment at 2.5k miles

*Extras: full length adjustable levers, OEM rear padded passenger seat, Akrapovic extra baffle
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