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I guess that time's finally here to let this one go. Posting it here before I move to an outside party; it's always nicer to sell to another enthusiast than a total random. This was my first bike, did all the maintenance myself aside from the 600 mile service which I brought into a local shop. Fresh oil every 5k, an oil change was actually just done to prep for sale, aside from that here's what else was done:
Coolant flush - 3k
Spark Plugs - 8k
Throttle Body Sync - 8k
Brake Flush - 19k

The battery's still going strong, it started up yesterday no problem despite not having been ridden in months. Sits in the stand now until it finds a new home so mileage won't change. The Michelin PR3s have about 1/3 of its treads left. The only part that was replaced on this bike due to 'failure' was the crank position sensor. This part was swapped out to fix the annoying blinking gear indicator that would occur every once in a while, nothing mechanically wrong. Mostly stock, the only aftermarket parts instead are as follows:
1. CRG RC2 Levers - Long both sides
2. Cyclops LED headlight
3. Yoshimura fender eliminator
4. OEM Yamaha LEDs (front)
5. Motodynamic integrated tail-light
6. European plastics (part 11 & 13 of diagram) - reason why I purchased wanted proper fitment for the windscreen I liked but never ended up buying it.
7. Vagabond Sliders

It's been a breeze owning this bike but it's time to switch it up; hopefully it'll bring as much joy to the next owner. Firm on price, title in hand, located in San Diego. Cash in hand for test ride, otherwise I can fire it up for you in the garage for you to hear it. New owner will receive all stock parts pulled from the bike originally. I have copies of both keys along w/ the key code plate. Can deliver to another SoCal location for an added fee; w/in the city of SD I'll stop it off for free. I'm a no bullsh!t seller, don't mind answering questions at all but please don't waste my time. If you have an R3 that'd you're looking to get rid of I'm willing to entertain trades+cash, the easiest way to get a hold of me would be by email: [email protected]

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