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2015 Yamaha FZ 07 with just over 5,000 miles

This bike is loaded with aftermarket upgrades such as:

Woodcraft Clip on Handle Bars: $228

Woodcraft Rearset Kit: $380

Two Brothers Full Exhaust: $899.98

Nitron R3 Shock: $1,375

Yoshimura Fender Eliminator: $116.96

Dunlop Q3 Rear Tire: $169.16

Dunlop Q3 Front Tire: $112.18

*Newly added (Not pictured) Front and Rear Turn Signals: $112

Average cost of labor can be around $80 dollars an hour to install these new parts

10 hours of labor could complete almost all of this work if brought to a dealer

Total = 4,343.27 in parts and labor!!!

Cost to buy a FZ 07 with this many miles will run you around $5,950

That means that the bike + the upgrades comes to a total of $10,193.27

If you wanted to buy an FZ 07 and add the upgrades yourself then this would be your total cost

Don't pay for the upgrade separately! Get them here for a discount!!

I am selling my bike for $7,181

That means you are saving yourself 3,000 dollars on parts and labor buy purchasing a fully upgraded bike

Please call, text, or email me with any questions
(859) 663-5945
[email protected]
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Ok. But I'd give $500 for the exhaust. If you don't have the stock piece any more I'd ship you one for $100. Just sayin..
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