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It doesn’t get any more fun than this. Comfortable upright ergonomics, so light you can throw it around with ease, and with the torquey spunk to accelerate hard around town and on twisty mountain roads — the 2015 Yamaha FZ-07 is all this, and more.

Benefiting from the trickle down technology of MotoGP racing, the FZ-07 gets the crossplane crankshaft we have seen on the R1 inline-4 and FZ-09 triple. The FZ-07’s twin utilizes the uneven firing order of the 270-degree crossplane crank, which makes for novice-friendly low to mid-range power.

Easy to handle thanks to a sub-400 pound claimed wet weight, and slim chassis, the FZ-07 has a manageable 31.7-inch seat height with a narrow seat/tank junction to assist in reaching the ground at stops.

Around town the FZ-07 is pure pleasure—almost bicycle-like in ease. The power characteristics suit less experienced riders, with its plentiful supply of smoothly delivered low-end torque, and that same pull can benefit an aggressive, skilled rider.

There’s little need to shift the 6-speed gearbox once you’ve found your groove. Cruise down the boulevard as casually or energetically as you please, adjust your speed as needed with your right wrist. When red lights present themselves, you’ll be hard pressed to resist taking advantage of the ease in which it sneaks through lanes to the front of the queue.

At maximum freeway speeds, the windblast off the naked 07 is fully in your face, which is somewhat of a deterrent for over-riding the speed limit. That is not a bad thing, though there will be times when you will twist the throttle hard and hang on, savoring the carefree feeling the 07 evokes.

Providing the confidence to push fast requires a stable chassis and the security of a good pair of brakes, both found on the FZ-07. With a 55-inch wheelbase the bike feels solid and handles pavement transitions and rain grooves confidently, and vibration from the twin is minimal.

On the practical side, commuting is an absolute joy. Not only does the FZ-07 have excellent low-end power for negotiating constantly changing traffic snarls, but the response off throttle is great if you need to take evasive action or if an opportunity to spurt through an opening appears. The upright seating position affords a clear view of the road and keeps you visible to other traffic.

Clad with the smallish 282mm wave discs and petite calipers that are not radially mounted, you might not expect much in the way of serious stopping power. In spite of the disc diameters, the front brakes do an excellent job of slowing the featherweight FZ; action is initially soft, then progressively stronger, which inspires full confidence. For slower speed modulation, the rear brake is nicely effective with good feel at the pedal.

For more read here: https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2014/11/12/2015-yamaha-fz-07-review-real-world-fun-comfort/
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