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2016 FZ07 forks with Ohlins NIX22 cartridges

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I haven't taken pics yet, but have a set of 2016 FZ07 forks with NIX22 cartridges installed. Probably only a few hundred track miles on the forks. The bike itself only has a total of about 1500 miles on it. Removed them to install APMoto Triples and R6 forks. Forks are spotless. This bike is being used for Lightweight Endurance racing, so maintaining the stock front forks isn't important. I can get photos in the next day or so - frantically getting reading to leave for VIR on Thursday and will then be at Road America next weekend. $750 plus shipping within continental US complete. There is absolutely not a single solitary thing wrong with these complete forks. One needs to do nothing other than swap them onto your FZ07. I can also deliver to either VIR this weekend or Road America next weekend, or Pitt Race the following weekend.

I also have a set of Woodcraft (I believe, doh! can't remember) clipons to match the forks I am selling separately in another listing.
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I believe they're setup for around 205lbs. I can check for sure - I know it's close to that. The bike was built by a local shop - I'm friends with and ride with the owners (track days and racing). They took a brand new FZ07 and put on the APMoto Bodywork setup, rearsets, and installed the Ohlins NiX22 cartridges and the Ohlins rear shock. The bike had 1300 miles on it and did/does not have a scratch on it. They actually built two. One they're racing. I bought this one to primarily Endurance race. I rode it a couple days at PittRace and NJ Thunderbolt. I'm going to guess I put a couple hundred miles on it purely at the track - no crashes or anything. Just feeling the bike out. For what I wanted the bike to do, I decided I needed to do some more work, resulting in installing offset triples which require R6 forks, and the height link in the back. I did that work and pulled these a few weeks ago - about 10 days before racing it at VIR.

These forks and cartridges are absolutely perfect, and are effectively brand new.

If somebody is really interested, I also have a perfect loaded front wheel (meaning has rotors), brake calipers, master cylinder, and triples.
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You do realize it's just swapping one or both springs, right? The cartridges are the cartridges.
Im not a suspension expert,,and now im confused ,,your selling a set of forks with ohlin cartridges ,,what springs are you talking about ?
OK, no problem. The cartridges each have a spring - for the most part, an Ohlins NIX22 cartridge setup is really just the installation of the cartridge with a spring appropriate for the riders weight and riding style (i.e., skill, speed, etc). The springs get the front end in the right "ballpark" and the compression, rebound and damping do the fine tuning. Frankly, you could probably bolt these forks on as is, and even though the springs might be a little heavy for you, the forks would likely still perform better than stock. Swapping out the springs is pretty easy - but if you have little experience, it's also pretty inexpensive Don't know where you live, but any competent sport bike shop could swap springs in these in about 30 minutes. The advantage here is that this is a complete set of forks so your bike isn't down while you're having this done.

Beyond the geometry of doing things such as offset triple clamps and raising/lowering the forks and using fork extender caps, you can generally describe the variation in front forks in 3 groups. Spring stiffness, oil level, and valving. The valving is "part of" these cartridges, and has not been changed. It's very very uncommon for people to mess with the valving in the NIX22's. On different bikes such as my R1 with Ohlins NIX30s, it's a lot more common. But no need on these little bikes - and particularly IMHO if it's a street bike with little or no track work. Oil level is set when the cartridges are installed and/or serviced. No big deal. That leaves the spring weight - or stiffness.

Hope this helps.
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Some more information. I believe the springs in these cartridges at the moment are 08429-95 springs, rated at 9.5 N/mm with a recommendation of 7mm preload. If you're around 165lbs, the Ohlins recommendation is 08429-90, rated at 9.0 N/mm with 7mm of preload. I honestly think you'd be perfectly fine with them as is, but could take 1mm of preload out to make it even better. The preload can be reduced with a simple wrench - it's adjusted on top of each fork leg. If you wanted I could take 1mm out before I shipped the forks.
sorry for the delay,, what confused me was swapping one spring,,like i said no expert but that sounds strange.also your remark "and even though the springs might be a little heavy for you, the forks would likely still perform better than stock." that doesn't sound encouraging. if im going to spend that kind of money i am looking for a vast improvement. if you want to shoot me your email i will make you an offer if your not firm on your asking price .
It's extremely common to swap a single spring. We do that all the time racing, as the actual "perfect" (if there is such a thing) spring rate is for example between a 1.0 and a 1.05 in a set of NIX30 forks, or pretty much any other fork to be honest - the only way to get there is to use two different spring rates. Each fork does NOT have to be identical to the other fork. As a matter of fact, many newer forks will have different performance characteristics in each leg from the factory by design. These NIX cartridges have damping adjustments in the left fork leg, and rebound adjustments in the right fork leg. AK20 cartridges have done this for quite a while. The NIX30 cartridges in my 2015 (full race) R1 work the same way. Remember the forks have a number of factors that you're dealing with in terms of performance. Spring rate, damping, rebound, preload, stiction, high and low speed compression......

I didn't get an email notification that you responded or I would have done so before this. I am not on this forum very often. I'll send you my email via PM - please remember however that I'm really asking the price of just the cartridges - before installation - for a complete set of effectively brand new forks with cartridges installed.
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