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i've been shopping around for exhausts and from what i've learned, the ti when used with the baffle and catalytic converter does not need a flash. as far as i know, it was designed alongside yamaha. as for the cf version, it would recall a flash or turner. someone correct me if i'm wrong.

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What are the differences between these 2 and why would you choose one over the other? Do they sound completely different?
The titanium system is not really ti, the tubing is still stainless just the canister is ti

they will sound a little different the carbon being a little deeper as carbon cans do this

power wise they are similar with the carbon having a little more area under the curve

no exhaust ever really needs a flash/tune but it is highly recommended with any. The part throttle lean fueling that is present stock will just be exacerbated by adding a pipe and no tune.

don't buy into the whole internet scare thing that you will burn up valves without a tune, but when a flash is only $200 why would you spend the money on a pipe and not a couple hundred more to make it perform like it should with the pipe

my flash can be ordered here

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