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so I have about 3200 miles on 2017 ,first noise i heard started around 500 miles ,,was intermittent and is now all the time ,,click,click ,click,,sounds like valve noise but i think its the cam chain,,this noise has me concerned the most . i know the dealer is just going to tell me its normal,,anyone eles having same issue?

2,,havent figured out rattle noise in rear ,[chain is were its suppose to be and well oiled} I put the bike on a pit stand and let it run in 1st gear,,sounds kinda like a rock inside the wheel , sometimes you cant hear it but if you drive along say a lane concrete divider or along a car its constant. anyone figure this one out yet?

3 , most recently on a long trip ,lots of freeway constant speed i noticed the engine temp kept bouncing back and forth between 172 and 180,,within seconds ,,the air temp also is wacky,,it really spikes when say at a light ,i mean up 50 degrees ,i just assume its heat of the bike since it goes back down when you get going.??

searching forums i dont see any topics on this stuff,,im guessing i cant be the only one with some of these issues
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