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I have just recently begun to have an issue with my bike. When coming to a stop, it has started sputtering when and shutting down. I get the error code "Error HI" (pic attached). Sometimes it will restart, and sometimes nothing happens at all for a while...then it starts.

It did it once out of nowhere then didnt do it again for over 150K. Then today on my ride home from work, I had to crank the throttle at every stop to kee pit from shutting down.

I have also noticed the blinkers have begun blinking at odd rates, sometimes going double speed then back t normal. Anyone know what this might be?

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ImfygqaXoQKLXNCyUcEG3iqzq_1ipusI (I just missed the word "HI" under the fuel gauge)
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