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Hey guys....first post in here. I just picked up my 16 matte silver fz07 with blue frame/wheels. Love the color combo.

I've got a couple questions regarding the blue color frame and wheels on my matte silver bike though.

1. Is this the same color frame/wheel as is on the dark grey (liquid graphite I believe I saw it referenced as)? Seen a lot of people calling the blue "blurple".

2. I'm looking at a windscreen and have narrowed it down to four choices:
-Puig Sport Height
-Genuine Yamaha bugscreen (I know this isn't going to give me any protection at all)
-Ermax Sport Height in Blue
-Ermax Sport Height in Satin Blue.

I've seen the "liquid graphite/blurple" ermax demo bike and it looked great with the satin blue windscreen and if the "blurple" is the same colour as on the matte silver fz, it should look good on it too. I have yet to see any pics of a bike with the solid blue ermax windscreen on it though.

So.....any thoughts on this colour combo and windscreen choice?

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