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Deltran Battery Tender Plus - takes a long time to charge

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I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue. I have a Deltran Battery Tender Plus. The first day I hooked my 2016 FZ-07 up it took about 12 hours for it to go into “stand by” mode (green light solid). I just thought maybe it was because it was sitting for a bit in the warehouse. Yesterday, I went out riding for about 4 hours. Stopped about 4 times and multiple starts but nothing out of the ordinary. When I got home I connect the tender and it took about 5 hours for the green light to go from blinking to solid. Is this normal or should I get my generator/alternator checked out?

I have used this tender on my previous MC with no issues less than 3 weeks ago.

Thanks for your input.

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Something is wrong. After a ride, my battery tender plus brings the battery to full charge in 1-2 minutes.
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I agree, something is wrong, either with the battery tender or your battery. If you have access to another motorcycle, put your tender on it and see how long it takes to go to float. If it operates normally, then the problem is with your FZ. If it takes a very long time to go to float, it's the battery tender.
Thanks for the replies. I took my battery out to take pics of it. Confirmed that it is a lead battery. After that, i installed it back into the bike and put the tender back on. (never starting the bike). The green light was flashing for an hour. I disconnected it to prevent any possible damage. That ruled out the generator on the bike being the issue.

A buddy of mine has the same tender as mine so I hooked that up and within ten minutes it went into float mode. Just a little disappointed because the Deltran is only two years old. They should last longer then that, right?

On my way to the store to pick up a new one. I will reply with a final outcome once I try out the new one.

thanks again.
Started up the bike today about 3 times and ran it for a bit between starts. Hooked it up to the new Deltran and it was solid green in under 10 minutes.
To help
The battery requirement on this bike is Constant Voltage. To check the charger, simply put a voltmeter across it. You should see 12VDC +/- half a volt. Then put it in series with the Battery and check the current.
Hope this make sense
Some battery chargers will not turn on until they sense a load on them (current draw). So, if you have a charger that is made like that, there will be no voltage at the charger terminals if it's not hooked up to a load (battery).
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