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Dual sport helmets

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So I just love the look of the dual sport helmets with the visors I keep seeing mixed reviews on them some saying the visor just catches wind when switching lanes and turning your head some saying you get use to it and some saying they just plain suck. Any opinions on this? I’d love to here it from someone who actually has one
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View attachment 2383 Love my Schubert E1. Being a modular it is a bit noisier then my Shoei RF-1200. Also it def catches more wind at highway speed, not to awful at the lowest setting on the visor. For shorter commutes and riding in town I choose the E1 every time. Longer/ faster rides I lean toward the Shoei.

PS- I installed the Schuberth bluetooth in my helmet as well. It is a seamless system that integrates into the neck roll.
I ended up going with with a cheaper dual sport helmet the AFX-41 and I absolutely love it! It’s got plenty of vents and I never really notice the drag. for sure going to be my new summer helmet
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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