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Engine Noise. Something Wrong?

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My engine has been making quite a bit of noise lately. It sounds mostly like valve noise but there is another higher pitch sound going on too.

The bike currently has 700 miles on it. Oil was changed at 600 miles. I did not take it in for the first service because they couldn't get me in a decent time frame so I changed the oil myself. I am in the process of doing the other checks yet but the engine noise is scaring me. The noise started to be noticeable at around 300 miles. At about 400 miles I but a Yoshimura R77 Exhuast on it. After that the sound got much louder. Since then it seems to have gotten even louder. I can actually hear the noise over my exhaust (except when over 5k or so). I am worried something is wrong with it. My question is if this sounds normal? Do others FZ-07's sound like this? Is it just still breaking in? There are 2 different noises coming from it but valves seems to be the most noticeable.

Can here it via this link:

Just looking for others thoughts.

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Sounds like regular engine noise. What oil (brand + weight) are you running and where do you live?
I get that most of it is regular engine noise, but it seems so much louder than it should be. Right now I have YamaLube in it. I live in Iowa.
What weight though? If you're running a really thin weight of oil, that might be why you're hearing "more" engine noise. For instance, Yamaha only recommends 10W-30 for the temperature range of 10°F to 70°F.
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