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Engine stalling in park

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Hi all,

On my way to work this morning the engine trouble indicator came on 4-5km into my ride. I brought it back home, and tonight I checked it out some. I'm no mechanic, and the closest yamaha dealer is 4 hours away..any insight is appreciated.

When I start the bike, the engine sputters. Rpms bouncing up and down for 5-10 seconds and eventually shuts off. The engine light is no longer on, but it doesn't exactly stay running long enough to get a reading. 11,000 km's, two oil changes in. Any suggestions for a potential quick fix?
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That sounds like it could simply be a case of a water in the gas. Easy to check, drain the tank and fill up with fresh gas. I had that happen once and it produced the same symptoms.
Yeah, the guys at the shop this morning thought the same. I'll find out for sure in the morning but the mechanic said it's an air sensor.

Thanks for the response ✌
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