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Fabri gen X sports screen

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You live in Loma Linda don't you?
Those stair railings look damn familiar, I used to live there!!!
Hahaha yes i live in loma linda :)
hahahaha Awesome! Are you familiar with the management? Is Deborah still the manager there?
Not sure about whether deborah is still d manager. Havent meet d manager yet ;-)
Yes she is still d manager met her today :)
I like this wind screen! I am thinking about getting the same one. Does it block some of the wind?
It does block some wind. Driving with it is much comfortable at 65-70 mph the wind is deflected to shoulders and helmet but i still get the windblast @ 80 + mph.
I didn't know there was a gloss version of this. I've been looking at it too but the one I keep seeing is matte black.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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