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Just picked up an FZ-07 for my first bike and am extremely excited! I am 25 from CT and am I very new rider. I must say I am thrilled with my choice and relieved to learn that NOT all bikes are as terribly choppy and uncooperative as the bikes used in my Motorcycle Safety course! New to forums in general so any advice on anything at all I'd appreciate. I bought a slightly used 2015 which came with a 15.5 inch tall V-Stream Windscreen which I am looking to sell at a reasonable price, or trade for another smaller one. Not sure were to post for a sale in this forum though. Also as a new rider I am taking one thing at a time to get acclimated with riding and am taking it easy so I can work towards mastering the mechanics of riding. My shifting is a little choppy if anyone has advice for that too. Are there any good sources to reach out for advice or anything related to safe and smooth riding for a beginner? Maybe another training course more focused on what to do if you get in a sticky spot? Such as read break skid, preventing a high side crash and safely escaping a wheel wobble/tank slapping occurrence? Those are my biggest fears currently. Great to be here and excited for this next chapter in my life!


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Hey bud,

welcome to the forum and congrats on your new bike.

I own a 2015 as well, brand new from the dealership. I set my eyes on the 07 since it first came out, and finally bought it this year to replace my old Ninja 500 (my first crappy Kijiji bike, or Craiglist for the States lol).

The first riding season is obviously the toughest for any rider

I would recommend you to ride with an experienced rider, make him follow you so he can coach you on your techniques: lane positioning, lane changes, standby position and braking techniques.

The rest of it is tons of practice, and with time your shifting will be smoother and it will come natural.

some useful tips:
- ride always in the left side of the lane so the vehicle in front of you can see you.
-Avoid riding in other vehicles blind spots. increase your distance from them, whether you stay way back, or you crack the throttle to pass them.
-ride within your limits. Avoid riding at speeds you dont feel comfortable with.
-at low speed manouvers , use the clutch for smoother turns.
-When turning, remember always LOOK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. Target fixation is one of the most common causes of crashes.
-practice counter steering. Look for the video in Youtube, by Keith Code from the California Super Bike school, it explains it very well.
-keep a safe distance from cars, specially if you dont have experience in emergency braking.
-Practice emergency braking, using both brakes at the same time. Ask your instructor how to do it in the proper safe manner.
-Gear up. Helmet is not enough. Be ready to spend a good $1000-$1500 in gear: Full face helmet, jacket, riding pants with kevlar liner and/or armor inserts, leather gloves with reinforced knuckles , tall riding boots , back protector insert for your jacket, and shin/knee armor.
-Lane splitting is illegal in Canada, I would never do it even if it was legal.

This is all that comes to mind at the moment. Practice , practice, practice and more practice will make you a better rider. A big component of your safety is your own attitude as a rider, you ride beyond your limits or in an aggressive way, and you will be more prone to suffer a crash.

Hope this was of a bit of help, now get on that bike, enjoy and ride safe!

Cheers from Canada!
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