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I've had a 2015 FZ-07 since introduced and released for sale. Thought I'd see what other riders are doing to their bikes. Plus post what I did to mine and give some results of how it works. I made my parts in my shop, and saved a lot of money.
Here's a little bit about me. My Dad was a BMW and Harley-Davidson dealer in Ohio. He got me started riding on mini bikes at five years old. By nine I was riding a Harley. It was the the 65cc Italian model, not a "Hog". Then on to the125cc Harley from Italy. Back in the day I got my motorcycle Lic. @ 15 years old. Restricted to State and County roads. No Federal Highways. A free Country is a good thing! Pop let me pick a used 350cc bike to ride from his inventory in the summertime. Gas was 29.9 cents/ gallon so I was going all over the Ohio on a .79 cent fill up.
My first street bikes were, 1966, 305 cc Honda Hawk, 1968 350cc Honda, and how cool was this, 1968 350cc Ducati single. All before I was 18 years old. Then on to a bunch of motorcycles I wish I still owned!
My other bike now is a K1300S BMW, 30 year anniversary model. I like a little more grunt than the FZ-07 to tell the truth. But that little FZ-07 is about the perfect motorcycle isn't it?
Enough of my stuff, you get the idea I like to ride.
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