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Front Brake Pads Rubbing (Lightly)

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I bought a '15 FZ-07 last week and just hit 200 miles. When I got done with a 30 mile ride through some hills (lots of turns and using my brakes), I turned my engine off and moved my bike to park it. I heard a slight rubbing sound, but it didn't seem to cause any resistance that I could tell. Both calipers are sightly engaged and the brakes are rubbing on each of the front discs. Is there an easy fix for this? Am I safe driving it ~1 hour to a Yamaha dealer and having them fix it since it is still under warranty? Just bummed I am already having problems on a brand new bike, YAMAHA AT THAT!
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Normal to hear the pads lightly swooshing against the rotors while pushing the bike.
What he said. Perfectly normal.
Normal for every bike that I've owned. If you have a way to lift the front end off the ground safely (front stand), try spinning the front tire/wheel and you will probably get at least 6 - 8 complete revolutions AND hear the slight rubbing.....depending on how fast you are able to spin it. Or, you can just trust us and believe that it's normal
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