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Front Tire Wear Out Quicker Than Rear one?

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Hi guys...recently I have one question that has been puzzling me for a while.
My bike is MT-07. I have been riding it since early last June and the odometer shows I almost hit 7000km/4349miles. I only ride my MT-07 during the weekends and 90% of the routes were mountain roads.
I consider myself an aggressive rider...no that fast as a professional track racer but I can always keep up with my buddy on a zx-6r and some other friends with r1 or other liter-level sports bikes.

I rarely checked my tires in the past as I know the stock tires (Bridgestone BT-203) wear out very slow. People always says BT-023 is touring grade which the rear tire can last as long as 12000km/7456miles and the front tire can even go farther.
But last week I happened to check the wearout with my tires and I found that I have hit the wear bar with the front. The wear mostly locates on the side so the central is still good for another 3000km I guess. The rear one still looks okay though.

It doesn't quite make sense to me as my experience told me front tire always lasts longer than the rear since the bike is rear-drive. And the life time of my front tire is way too short I think.
My friend said it's my riding style that caused the wear but I totally have no clues...

Any one has experience like this?? Please feel free to comment if you have any particular points. Thanks.

Here are some photos of my tires.

BT-023 front. The shoulder wore much more than the central.

front, wear indicator has gone...

The rear tire looks good though. Should be good for another 4000km I guess...
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Lower tire pressure than should be, hard/late braking, bad front suspension or improperly adjusted for rider weight (this causes a forward weight bias).......any of or a combination of those things can cause excessive tire wear on the front.
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