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Front turn signal wire colors

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I'm sure this has been posted before but I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm finally getting around to installing my turn signals on the front tomorrow and was wondering if anyone could tell me which wire is what since the colors of the wires on the factory signals are different than the ones on the aftermarket ones. Also, if anyone has any experience with installing signals with a blinker genie and relay any advice would be awesome. Thanks a lot.
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it all depends on the lights that you choose. The ones I've gotten took some trial and errors, even some added resistors, to work the way I want them to. As long as you got your ground wires connected, you can just connect/splice the others together and try it out before you finalize the connections. No harm done to the lights, you'll be fine :)
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Thanks a lot for the help. I thought about doing that but was afraid I might blow some fuses. While I'm mechanically inclined enough to work on my bike, when it comes to electrical items I'm dumb.
nah you won't blow anything, no worries. I didn't do it but if you really want to be on the safe side, disconnect the battery before you work on the electrical system.
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