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FS Cortech Micro 2.0 Tank Bag

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Hey Guys,

So I'm selling this brand new Cortech Micro 2.0 Tank Bag. It literally has been taken out of the box from revzilla and put up for sale. if you guys know about the fz-07 and tank bags they aren't the easiest to get on due to the design of the bike and the plastic tank covers. you can make it work i just didnt want to bother. looking for 50 OBO. I'm located in Vegas but its free shipping if you are out of state, so you are guaranteed to get a GREAT deal. Make it fit your fz, sell it for profit, give it as a gift. whatever. just enjoy and ride safe. hit me up at 719-464-7838 or [email protected].
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Same story here....Price, location, contact info
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