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FZ-07 Based Tenere on the Horizon?

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I snagged these photos from Motorcyclist Online as you can tell from the watermarks.

Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Motorcycling Car
Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Motorcycling Motor vehicle

Looks like they are testing a ROUGH concept of what could be a 2 cylinder, and thus FZ 07 based off road bike. Could we see a less than Super Tenere coming out of the Yamaha camp here in the next model year?

Admittedly, this bike has only the basic outline of an ADV bike, but all of the data keeps pointing to the ADV market being the largest growing segment in motorcycling. So why not build a Tenere that the rest of us can attain and actually ride?

I am hoping that this is a more capable offering than the FJ 09 that seems to be more of a body kit than an actual off-road ready motorcycle.

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I'm a short guy, but that thing looks huge. You need to be Dwight Howard to ride that thing.
The Super Tenere has an adjustable seat that will allow the stand over height to be reduced by quite a bit. Dunno if that would be a premium feature that would be dropped to get to a price point. However, I would rather have a tall bike than crack a case on a rock.
Sort of looks like they used KTM styling cues?
It isn't quite as aggressive as the KTM stuff, but I see what you are saying. It is very Japanese and Super Tenere-y.

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Looks good!

Jeff M


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