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Hey, Fellas. Just joined this forum to start getting much needed answers to a lot of questions. Let me start off by saying, I have been DYING to get my hands on a new Yamaha FZ-07. It's been urging me ever since I started drooling over the countless pictures of bikes, going to the dealership to sit on a FZ-07 and even watching video upon video of people giving first hand reviews of the bike. I've been riding dirt bikes ever since I can remember. The speed never scared me nor did the power of any dirt bike I have been on. I've ridden every power category from a Yamaha PW-80 to a Honda CRF250 and I've adapted to all the bikes quickly. Though I will say I haven't ridden a dirt bike since 2011 but I have ridden a few of my buddies street bikes in the past year. I've rode a CBR250, CBR 600 and even an Aprilia 1000R. The real question is, for those with the appropriate amount of riding experience, is this TRULY enough riding experience? My Pops got in a bad bad BAD accident back in 1985 and ended up losing his leg in the accident completely rendering the way he lived and walked for the rest of his life. And for all you jokesters, no he still has found it but he keeps saying it around here somewhere (aka he's got old fart syndrome). But did that stop him? Nah, not really. He ended up getting on a few quads and kept getting himself into trouble. But anyways, I'm getting off-track. Let me throw a few questions at you that are my main concern. How's insurance on the Yamaha FZ-07? what insurance companies gave you the best quote? If purchased, should I get full coverage or just liability? Fuel economy? Handling? Torque? What did you like most about the FZ-07? What made you decide that this bike was the bike for you? Keep in mind that I'm a stupid 21 year old that will be graduating in about a year. My overall goal is to purchase the bike after getting a full-time job after graduation, which will be fairly quick due to the field that I'm going in to. Whenever you can, just write back and give me your thoughts and concerns. Thanks in advance!

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Insurance, for me and my FZ-07, is cheap as far as 700cc street bikes go.
However, I'm over twice your age.
Also, some insurance companies will assume the FZ-07 is some kind of Gixxer supersport bike and price their coverage like one.
Shop around for quotes.

Fuel economy is fine for me.
I typically get 44 - 48 MPG from back road sport riding.
Some guys report around 60 MPG, so it's up to how you like to ride the bike.

The bike is light for a 700cc street bike and physically small.
The bike handles very well.

Torque is impressive.
The powerband is low- to mid-range and there always is pulling power on tap during real-world street riding.

I test rode both the FZ-07 and FZ-09 last August at a Yamaha Demo Days test ride event at the local Yamaha dealer.
On a fun scale of 1 to 10, I rated the FZ-09 a 7 and the FZ-07 a 10.
I liked the thumpity-thump feel of the FZ-07 engine (sounds and feels like a performance V-Twin), the small size, the light weight, and the bike simply felt FUN.
I was sold during that 10 mile test ride within the first mile, I do believe.
I've owned more than a couple supersports in the past (600 - 1,000cc), and now, I feel that you can keep them.
FZ-07 is much more fun to ride for me, thanks.
I believe the only time the FZ-07 would not be for you is if you fall prey to peer pressure and insist on going head-to-head with somebody on a GSX-R1000 on the highways and other wide-open, boring roads where you can easily hit 120 MPH.

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I have owned several motorcycles and here's my thoughts. The FZ-07 is friendly enough for cautious new riders, so it should be easy for you to hop on and enjoy. I just moved from a 2014 Honda CBR500 to the 2015 FZ-07 and my insurance with State Farm actually went down $7.00/month for some reason. The fuel economy for me so far has been right around 45mpg. I could baby it and get more, but I think it'll pretty much stay around 45 for my style of riding. I love it around town and on back roads. On the highway, now that I have a Givi windscreen, I actually enjoy it more than the CBR500. Not a lot of wind protection, but enough. The torque is plenty. Yes, you will have more power with the FZ-09, but I think the 07 is just easier to push hard without getting yourself in too much trouble. I grew tire of the 500 after a year. I think I'll enjoy this FZ-07 for many years to come. Taking it down to see some mountain roads in just a couple weeks.
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