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I'm Neil. Thought I should say "hi" and let you guys know who I am. As you can
probably tell by my user name, I'm a retired roadracer. I raced WERA from
1986 thru 2002, missing only one season due to a blown motor in my Kaw ZX6.
Due to the length of my "career", I have a lifetime license with WERA, so
my competition number is mine for life. During my not-so-distinguished
career, I got to share the track with such people as Doug Polen, Scott
Russell, Colin Edwards, Nicky and Tommy Hayden, Jamie James, Kurt Hall, and
many other, slightly less brilliant lights of the racing world.

I've also spent most of the last 35 years in the motorcycle industry, almost
exclusively in Parts and Accessory sales; including nearly 10 years as Parts
Manager of some of the largest multi-line dealerships in my home state of

Basically, I have lived, breathed, eaten and slept motorcycles for most of
my adult life. Currently I ride a modified '98 Honda VTR1000 SuperHawk. The
mods are 'limited' to bolt ons, but include thorough suspension mods, brake
mods, simple intake/exhaust changes, and riding position changes. I bought
it new within a week of the bike being originally released by Honda in May
of '97, and it currently has around 40k miles. I've ridden it from Atlanta
to Boston and back; Atlanta to DC and back; done track days on it at Barber
Motorsports Park, Road Atlanta and Talladega GPR. It is without a doubt the
most flexible, fun to ride bike I've ever owned, and I will NEVER part with
it! There will be others along the way, but this bike cannot be 'replaced'
for me!

Also, I'm not new to Forum Foundry, the owners of this forum. I've been
heavily involved in their Android forum community for over 2 years now; and
I'm an Admin for several of their communities and SuperModerator of numerous
others. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of me around these parts. Hi.

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