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Greetings! Traded in my 2006 R6s for a 2016 FZ-07. Got delivery Friday and I am super stoked. I generally hardly commute on highway's anymore (due to where I live now) and it's almost always city. That is what warranted something more city-fun/friendly. My mind is already racing forward with all the mods I want to do and I have been all over this forum like a mad man. I have so far put 14 miles on it (It has been raining like crazy since last week). Over the years I had done tons of little modifications here and there to my R6S and hoping to do the same and more to the FZ07. So far the 14 miles have been super fun. Such a light weight fun bike to zip around. Below are the pics of the R6S and of the Fz-07.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Blue
Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Rim Tire
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
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