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Greetings from Türkiye...

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Hi everybody...

I am livin in Antalya Turkey. I'm 46 yeas old and I have a Yamaha MT07 (European model name of FZ07) for fun, Honda CBX750P for touring and Piaggio X7 250 for commuting.

Kind regards to all...
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Hello and welcome. I wish I was driving my FZ all around Turkey, one of the most fascinating countries on Earth! I'm sort of an archaeology buff, so I'd love to ride to Nemrut Dag, Hattusas, Catal Hoyuk, Gobekli Tepe and all those "Cradle of Civilization" sites. I'd stay away from the Syrian border, though!
Hi again Keisar,

Thx for welcome.

If you visit Antalya region, send me a message. We may explore magnificent ancient Lycia cities around the town :)

I have been to Turkey once, and I always dream of going back. Such a beautiful place, unique, and so friendly. Turkce bilmiyorum, but I tried while I was there!

Same as above poster, I wish I could go to all the amazing ruins...especially on two wheels. Perhaps more of a dual sport adventure though :)

Welcome to the forums, you must post pics of your beautiful scenes!
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