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Norm from Burbank, CA here. Haven't ridden in 30 years, but when it was time (I'm newly returned to southern cali where traffic is maddening and I've built my jeep into a monster that doesn't behave well in traffic), my research led me to the king of the naked sport twins. I'm on several Jeep forums and have learned mucho about that rig and avenues to individual expression, really glad to find this forum on my new project! Already have a list of mods lined up, but what better way to get to know your bike than to wrench on it. I have two Yamaha Waverunners and my personal boat is the FZS- 1.8 litre supercharged rocket. I knew the FZ 07 would not disappoint. If you're in the valley and want to connect, my garage is always open and I'm ready to ride.
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