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I just got added today as a forum vendor!!

over the next week or so ill be introducing my self and having some forum specific specials.

my website is vcyclenut.com

I do mail in and in person tuning and ecu flashes. I have established myself as the go to person in the fz09 community and recently purchased an MT07 so that I could bring my best service possible to the FZ/MT07 community.

I have had a very good flash for the FZ07 for some time but wanted to bring it to a new level. I have since developed a new flash for the stock MT07 and will be developing one for a full system shortly and a slip on as I move forward.

For the new flash I am using woolich software ( the old flash uses FTECU) The woolich software gives me access to disable closed loop fueling and much finer control over the fueling. The result is a much smoother running bike both at steady throttle and while making throttle changes. Completely gone is the on/off sensation of the stock throttle. The bike is extremely smooth cruising at speeds that the stock tune quickly made my fingers go numb.

When I tune I do lots of miles data logging the bike in real world riding conditions with real loads on the bike. The results can not be duplicated tuning bikes on a dyno. I do finish the tunes on my dyno to make sure they are making the most power possible. That is the easy part. The real work and what you will 100% feel when you get one of my flashes is the work that went into it on the part throttle tuning that we all use 90% of the time we ride.

As a side note I have been blown away how much I am enjoying the 7. I am normally a big hp guy but have been a straight up hooligan having laugh out loud fun every time I go out on the 7. It really is a fun bike!

so please take a second and introduce yourself
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