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Whats up guys and gals,

New to the forum and in the market for a new bike. I pretty much have my eyes set on one of the new FZs. I am curious if any one who has gone through this dilemma and can shed some light on why you went with the 07 over the 09. Unfortunately, i have either missed the recent yamaha demo days or its been rained out so i have not had the opportunity to ride either. Been scoping the forum for a little while and though it was time for an introduction.

Thanks yall

War Eagle

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We have both at our house. I ride the FZ09 and my wife sold her '07 600RR and bought a FZ07 last summer. I spent about 600 miles on her bike doing the break in for the engine and I have to tell you that it's a sweet bike. The FZ09 was just a bit too tall for her (she's like 5'3") and just didn't feel comfortable on a bike that she couldn't get her feet down very well.
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