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Well came back on riding two wheels in 2007 after many years,started with a 2007 suzuki drz sm then two years later traded for a 2009 vstrom 650.Lately been looking to get an fz then finally settled for the fz07 (almost got an fz09 ) .There were few questions floating in my head do I need the power of the fz09?higher insurance premium? The fz 07 fit me perfectly,the dealer ask if I wanted to test drive my response was Ill go with my guts feeling and lots of research I been doing. Lets get paper work started I said and two hours later me and my 11 year old were riding a Red fz 07 home that was Friday the 15 of august (said goodbye to my v strom wich I traded in).The next day I headed back to the dealer to use a Gift certificate part of the deal ,while I was checking out at register the salesman came up and ask how I like the bike ,well I said got two problems (you should have seen the look on his face:) ) first I can't stop riding this bike (120 miles in one day) the second problem had to stop for refuel before coming here .Enough said I really love the brakes ,power (got front wheel up few times;)not something I usually do ) features on the digital display,that naked bike look,smiles can go for miles and the list can go on and on.So far only had one event on which I was slowing down to a traffic light,downshifting and on second gear my bike just died :eek: ,I looked at the display and looked as if I just turned the key on,so I was able to move to the side of the road and restarted without any problems .Today I got over 200 miles on her with no duplicate results I hope it was just a one time event still puzzled:confused:.As far for upgrade definitely brake/clutch levers and some kind of trunk bag any ideas?


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