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Hello from Pacific NW - Southwest Washington State

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Hi everyone,
Bought a new 2017 FZ07 in Sept. 2017 but haven't put a lot of miles on it yet due to a number of factors, but hope to make up for lost time this summer in a big way. Had a August 2014 crash caused by a texting AND drunk driver while riding my RZ350. It took 2-1/2 years of surgery and PT to finally get back full ROM. Subsequently had a bad fall & hurt my knee severely, couldn't walk on it at ALL for 2 months, couldn't use crutches due to shoulder injury. The inactivity resulted in a severe bout of pulmonary embolisms that nearly killed me. Finally last year I was able to ride again although I must walk with a cane but circumstances forced me to sell my old house & buy another. It took up all spring and most of summer so FINALLY I'll be able to ride all summer without further melodramatic bullshit!

Anyway, today we were going to take the wheels off to get new tires mounted but I have to order some rear axle spools. People wonder why retail is dying? It's because a simple thing like that was impossible to find answers for. Local shops and Cycle Gear had no clue as to what I needed . Cycle Gear guy insisted there was a spool mounting piece on the swingarm and "this one will work". I found out I needed a threaded axle rod - none of the dealers had a clue where to find one or even could tell me the I.D. of the axle so I could buy one to fit. One guy kept asking me the model after I'd told him 3 TIMES what it was...the next time I slightly raised my voice in exasperation -- didn't yell -- and the asshat told me "don't freak out." WTF?? Everyone I talked to sounded totally clueless even when multiple explanations were tried to make them understand what I wanted.

Finally found these guys, who got right back to me with answers. Have you guys heard of them? I have several bikes so I'm ordering stuff all the time for various modern & vintage stuff but have never heard of them. Later I found on my own Cycle Gear DOES have an axle mount spool/slider system for the FZ07, made by Woodcraft, but it looks convoluted in comparison and is > $20 more than this. So, any knowledge about these guys? Here's the link: Rear Axle Slider | Yamaha FZ07 / MT07 / XSR700
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