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What's up everyone! I'm Mike. A couple of nights ago I drove off from one of my local dealers with a pristine FZ07 in that classy white. Previous owner was a Major in the Army, had 400 miles on it and I lucked out because he already installed a screen. I had been lusting after the FZ07 since the first pictures of them hit the internet. Traded in my customized '13 Suzuki M50, got more than I should have for it!, which was my first bike (I'll be 30 this year). Absolutely no complaints about the M50, but the attraction to the FZ was just too strong. This month I was supposed to renew the inspection, registration and insurance on the M50 but I said to hell with it, perfect timing.

Anyway, just introducing myself and a little backstory. Looking forward to every time I can get out on this thing, absolutely love it.

Already have some mods planned. First and foremost, that damn gigantic license plate fender thing HAS to go. And the turn signals. I don't understand why bikes can't come with smaller, LED signals from the factory to begin with, but oh well. At least there is an aftermarket for them. For the rear signals I went with this integrated LED tail light. The front signals I ordered I think will look good with the way the headlight housing is shaped. Next mod will be swapping the levers out for some short adjustable ones, probably going to do gold levers with black adjuster. Eventually an IXIL hyperlow exaust, I'm addicted to the sound in the videos I've seen.

And maybe this is silly but I just love how the pipes get discolored from the heat!

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