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Hi all, I'm Alex. I am a 14 year active duty member of the US Navy who is stationed in S.E. Georgia. I am 100% brand new to motorcycles, but at 32 years old, I feel that there's no better time to start riding than the present. I put down a deposit on a Liquid Graphite FZ-07, so now it's time to play the waiting game. In the meantime, I'm watching YouTube videos, reading articles, and looking at accessories to tide me over. I went through the BRC in March of this year and had a BLAST, but work was crazy over the last few months so making a purchase got put on the back burner. Which, as it turns out, was extremely fortuitous for me since Yamaha just released the 07 which seems like a perfect first bike for me. I have always loved the look of streetfighters/naked street bikes and for the price point, and I don't think there is anything on the market, new or used that compares to the 07.

Anywho, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and learning tons from this community as it grows.

- Alex
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