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Hey guys I've just bought a race blue mt07 under a week ago. A little background on myself: I've been riding since july 2013 and since sydney has stupid laws that require to holds learners for min 3 months max 12 so I had a cbr250 mc22. I let my license lapse twice and in March 2016 I got my provisional license and I'll be able to ride litre bikes in 2 more years. I've ridden this bike for 3 days just commuting and I absolutely love it. I've reached 180km on the odo already. I've got a Dynojet power commander 5 and quick shifter alongside an akrapovic titanium coming after the new year break and I've fitted an R&G tail tidy. Some mods I'm looking at doing are removing the restrictions, changing the turn signals, ecu flash, led headlight and honestly not sure what else. Any ideas are welcome.
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