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Hi guys, bought a brand new fz07 in june and am now at about 2500 kilometers.

Yesterday it started to idle a bit higher then usual when im at red lights (seems to happen when the engine temperature reaches 104-106c and the fan starts). It does not do it all the time either but it only seems to happen when the bike is nice and hot. By higher I mean around 1300-1350 compared to the usual 1100-1200 rpm range on idle. When it happens all I have to do is blip the throttle and the idle drops down between the 1100-1200 rpm range where it should be.

It started doing this really recently and the only work that was done on the bike was the first initial 1000 km check up and oil change.

Cold idle is perfectly fine.

Has anyone ever experienced this ?

Thank you very much !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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