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How do YOU clean your FZ-07?

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I realize many of the members on here are not new to the motorcycle world, but I am and I've been wondering how I go about cleaning my fz.

I work at a place called Cleaning Supply Warehouse, where we mainly focus on providing chemicals and equipment to professional carpet cleaners. But we also have janitorial things as well.

I was thinking earlier about the stuff I use to clean my store called husky 420, which is for plastic, glass, lcain screens, and so forth. Anyways I got an idea to try it on my fz since it's 95% plastic, and this stuff is amazing on almost every part of the bike. And it's super cheap which is even better! And I don't have to go out of my way to get some. It's only less than 4 dollars for a quart and like 10 or so for a gallon.

This stuff is awesome. I encourage someone else to try his and see the results. I will attempt to make a video of my using some on my bike soon. Here is a pic of the chemical.

I would love to here some more ideas and products to use to make my beautiful ride even more beautiful haha.



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Send me a sample lol and does it work for helmet shields?
I try to never get the bike dirty, but of course it happens.... mud and water all up inside the nether parts of the bike. I just don't ride if the roads aren't dry, but I occasionally encounter wet roads or even rain. What I do is let the bike cool down, then I take a garden hose and go everywhere that there is dirt...up under the fenders always, up under the bottom of the chain guard is another area that always gets dirty. I just use warm water in a bucket with some detergent and a sponge to clean in addition to the hose. Now, if the instrument panel didn't get dirty, I don't use the hose or sponge on that....just where mud got into or on the bike.Then I ride again to dry things out a bit. When I return, I often find some areas that I missed, so I repeat, ride again. Then I use my Metro Datavac which is a high-powered blower to get water out from around all the nooks and crannies, and dry with microfiber and even Q-tips to get all the water spots off. Takes me at least an hour. When the bike and chain are completely dry (often hours after it first got muddy, cause I wait until a dry sunny day to wash it), I re-lube the chain and finally polish the painted parts with Plexus polish. When I am done the bike is in showroom condition. It's such a hassle to get the bike completely clean, that I really avoid riding in bad weather. I have only been caught once with the FZ-07, so it has only had one bath. Several bikes I have owned never had a bath...they always got sponge baths, wheel grime removed with a little water on a microfiber cloth followed by Plexus shine. All my bikes look brand new.
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You know what I use on Helmet shields? McDonalds has those kiosks with hand sanitizer and towelettes. Those work great for bugs, tar...anything on the helmet and visor. I like it so much, once when I went to a McDonalds close to me, they were out. I lifted the lid and there was all this liquid in the bottom. I asked the manager if I could have it and he said sure. He even gave me an empty jug to put it in, so now I have a quart of the stuff at home too. It works great if you ever get sap or tar on your car. It's some kind of alcohol and won't hurt painted or plastic surfaces either.
Oh wow, yeah that's a bit of a process, I don't like spending to much time outside unless it's fall here. But that sounds like It is a very good method.

And Kahold, your in Socal right?a be once I am about half way through this bottle I can mail you the rest, I'm sure it wouldn't cost much and it's no hassle for me. And yeah it works perfect on shields. Pretty much anything plastic haha
I'll try the McDonald's wipes what about the ones from like ralphs or other supermarket that are usually just by the entrance. Oh and will this stuff leaves water marks?
I talked with my boss today. Using the stuff I posted up there won't hurt the bike, but although it may clean it, it doesn't really put solvents back into the paint the way it should be. Since we sell Meguiars auto detail stuff, he gave me some stuff to try called last touch spray detailer. It's sold by the gallon or by a 5 gallon bottle. There is also some stuff called synthetic x-spress spray wax that you can just spray on and wipe off and it will last about 3 months and all you do to clean from there on out is pretty much wipe it down with a microfiber towel and last touch and it will look very resilient and prolongs your paints life.
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