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How fast would you say is the fz07 compared to a like a ninja 300? or a duc monster 696?

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Ive ridden a ninja 300 and also an r6..i know they are big difference. would you say the fz07 is in the middle between the two? is it equivalent to a 696 most likely?
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A duck 696 can't compete with a FZ07....and neither can a Hypermotard 796. An FZ07 runs about the same as a STOCK 1000cc 2 valve Multistrada...or a Honda VTR 1000 if the exhaust is changed and a fuel controller is added to the FZ07.
The FZ07 will be slightly faster than a Duc 696, especially off the line, but overall they are very close power wise. If you can ride a 696 and manage it's power then the FZ07 will be nearly identical.
I don't think the question makes any sense, but as I do own a 696 and a mt 07...... not much between them. the Duc is the real deal and the Yamaha is the better engineered and more functional copy. The duc feels and sounds faster but thats why we love them :). - The MT feels better after upgraded suspension . -last R6 i owned was a 2001 . No comparison to any naked bike! But but that's like comparing melons to oranges and complaining about the color .......
Hard to compare sportbikes like CBR, GSXR, R series, and Ninja with naked bikes like FZ-07 in my opinion. If you're comparing speed, FZ tops around 120-130mph where as average 600cc sportbikes will go easily up to 160+. I love my FZ for her throttle response and torque. Is it a middle ground between 300 and 600 sportbike? I like to classify naked bikes to its own separate category.
Define "fast". I also ride a Z125 and my commute to work takes the same amount of time on either bike. On one motorcycle, my commute is comfortable, easy and dull. On the other bike, it's a full-on race; wide-full open much of the time and pretty exciting with the sense that I'm getting away with something vaguely illegal. Guess which is which.
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