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Hello everyone, I got this beauty last November and have been loving it ever since... Currently at 1,300mi+,

Mods include:
R&G Radiator Guard,
MRA Speed Screen,
Reflective Rim Tape,
2 Hole 3/16 Exhaust Mod (One hole in the upper "peanut baffling" into the exhaust shroud and the other hole in the bottom of the exhaust pipe into the exhaust shroud, I thought about the locations, size and amount of holes hard before doing this and don't regret it as even these two small holes accomplished a level of sound that was not previously attainable for safety's sake and I must admit it did also slightly lower the overly-sensitive throttle response a tiny bit, seeing as I didn't double/triple up the holes I don't image backpressure being affected too greatly)
Battery tender harness,
Sponsor stickers and etc,

Future Upgrades include:
K&N Oil + Air filters
Denali Soundbomb Horn
Header-back Exhaust + Reflash
(Givi Semi-Rigid possibly)


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