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Howdy from sunny (and sometimes smokey) SoCal, Ventura County to be more exact. Get to ride the beautiful coast and Santa Monica Mountain canyons. Hang at The Rock Store with buddies two or three times a month as I have for years. Had that 'M' designation on my license for 50yrs so yep, I am an old fart. Got a 2017 FZ-07 with ABS the very end of last July. This is, if memory serves, my tenth Yamaha but I may be forgetting one or two. Grew up riding dirt bikes, Spainish and Japanese, back in Maine. Worked my way through college as a motorcycle mechanic. Moved west in 1979 and haven't missed a Maine winter all that much since then. So far the farkle list includes: Woodcraft "clip-ons" with a 2" drop, Puig levers, 520 chain and sprocket conversion (went 2 teeth bigger at the back), ADVMonster lights with Skene controller, Two Bros full exhaust, Graves tail tidy, SW Motech pillion replacement rack, Custom LED tail light and that is it so far.
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