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Hi everyone,

I’ll try to make this quick with some back story.

I hit a deer on the freeway in Northern California in Aug. 2016. Bike had little cosmetic damage and I was able to manage to start it frequently afterwards (once/twice) a week. I was damaged so I couldn’t ride for months.

Recently my PTSD has gone away completely (jacked my palms, lost a knee cap, and a body of road rash
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) and decided to give it another shot. I replaced the gas (siphoned/replaced) and the battery.

I tried to start it up but the lights are really dim and it’s making a zapping sound under the seat where the battery is but not turning over. I’ve been researching a ton but can’t seem to troubleshoot this specific issue.

I knew this would be an issue for letting it sit so long but does anyone have any recommendations to get me back on the road?

I appreciate the help.
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