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Interested in the FZ-07. Have some questions.

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Hello everyone. As the title says I'm in the market for a new bike. The FZ-07 is on my list. My main question and concern is if I'm too big for this bike. I'm 6'1" and weight 234lbs. Working on losing more weight. I'm not concerned with the power. I would like to know if I'm going to be comfortable and not look like a monkey having sex with a football lol. Thanks.
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I'm 6'4 @ 218 and I'm perfectly comfortable on the bike.
The only issue might be the front suspension, but that can be "fixed." Now, how you look riding is an entirely different issue. The 09 has an inch longer wheelbase, if that might help.
I'm 6' even and 220 lbs (but always trying to lose some as well) and it fits me fine. It is smaller and lighter than most bikes and that's part of what make it great I think. Have you sat on one? Post a picture with you sitting on one and then we can better judge. :)
I'm also interested in buying the FZ-07. I'm 6 ft and 230 lbs (I know I'm overweight :p) and I'm also worried that the bike would be too small for me. So you 6 ft and 230 lbs guys, does anyone of you have a picture of sitting on the bike?
Big guy on FZ , says he's 6-3, weight not listed, I'm sure the bike has enough power to haul his porky carcass down the road though.

I've noticed a lot of FZ pics online have girls riding them, guess Yamaha doesn't want potential buyers to realize how small this bike is.

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