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Is the 2018 MT-07 worth it over the 2017 model?

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and hoping to get some advice from Fz-07 experts! :D
I'm in the market for a hyper naked for the city. I live in San Francisco and I think it would such a fun bike. My bike right now is a 2001 CBR 1100 Blackbird and shes a blast but the weight is getting to me around the city.

As an overall experience, would the 2018 MT-07 significantly more than a 2017 model? I hear the 2018 will be priced at $7,599 which is tough because a friend is selling his 2017 for $6,000. I know they tweaked the lines on the bike a bit and it does look better but that doesn't make it worth it for me. I also here the suspension is more adjustable and gives the bike a sportier ride. How much better is it and I've never actually ridden an FZ-07, how is the ride?
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I bought a 2018 mainly because I came across a great end-of-year clearance sale for $6299.00. I would say that it depends on what you weigh. If you are +180 lbs., then the 2018 might be worth the extra $, just because it is sprung for heavier riders. If you are less then 180 lbs. Then the 2017 for $6000.00 sounds like a good deal. The best way to decide is to go ride both bikes and see what you think.
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