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LED Glow Kit

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One of the more flashy and really unnecessary mods or add-ons to the bike. Ordered this last week and got the kit today, and immediately slapped it on the bike.

They are long LED strips with 3M tape on the back. I got an 8pc kit, and I only used 4 strips. There isn't really anywhere else for me to put strips on the bike. But if I find any space I might add the others.

The first two spots I put them are just under the yamaha logo on the side fairings of the bike. There's enough room up under that panel to stick a small LED strip. It lights up the area just above the block of the engine. Looks pretty cool

Second two spots are on those metal arm things that have the covers to the swing are bolts. Just mounted the strips right to the inside of those. Lights up the shock really well. Can't wait to see how it looks out on the street.

The control box fit well in a little nook on the top left of the compartment of the passenger seat, and the wires fit in there as well, although look sort of messy, but do fit. Plus, the tool bag still fits in there as well.

I plan on posting a video on this later.

I know these pictures don't do this justice but I was in a rush and just snapped some real quick.


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That looks really cool! I don't know if I'd go that far on my bike, but I'm lazy. :) I admire you for your creative effort!
Here's a pretty crappy quick video. It started raining like right when I started recording.. But you can see a little bit. I was going to go through all the colors, the strobe and the fade patterns. It's pretty badass and makes you much more visible on the road.

Here's a better pic.


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