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Howdy Fella's&Gals:),
I have been working on bikes off and on my entire life(I am 61 now). After leaving the military I went through the 2 year motorcycle program at L.A. Trade Tech back in the early 80's and then went on to be a mechanic at the original "Del Amo Suzuki"(yes it was only one brand then), in Torrance,CA.... the singles were easy(LOL).. The carbs were easy to get to once the tank was off, but this FZ07 has got me scratching my head what the engineers were thinking??? We were always paid a "Flat Rate" to do a repair under warranty ,so, I always tried to figure out how to do it faster than the flat rate.
My Question to you all is....Wouldn't it be easier if you just cut the vacuum line on the left and right sides about 2"'s above throttle bodies and put a "tee" on both sides reconnect the original hoses and run a couple lines under the seat with caps(Identifying them as "L" and "R") for any future syncs..To me being a flat rate mechanic back in the day,, this would save me from having to access the inexplicably difficult vacuum line locations in the future??
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