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Long Time Rider Just Aquired An 07

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Hi Folks,
I recently took ownership of a silver and blue 2016 with just under 10K on the clock. My other current ride is a farkled and modded 2014 FZ09. I'm a really old guy that has been riding since the early sixties and I live near Crystal River Florida. Needless to say I've owned a bunch of bikes over all those years. I am fortunate enough to be able to spend a good bit of time riding with friends in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.
I have just started tinkering with the 07 and hope I can learn a few things from you all and your experiences with this neat machine.
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Very nice to see your ride. Last year, I also got upgraded from FZ 07 to 2014 yamaha FZ 09 and I really enjoy its ride. Have a nice ride.
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