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Loose seat?

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Is anyone else having this issue? I recently bought a UV Purple (Blacklight color) LED kit to install because it would look awesome against the liquid graphite :p and since I put my seat back on the front end of it is loose? I just got home from work and on the ride home I looked down and could see the 2 bolts clear as day! So when I got into my driveway I gave it a little tug and the whole front end popped out! I removed the seat and it looks like it's just the little rubber gromet part holding it there.... Realigned everything and screwed it back down and it didn't seem to pop up as much but it's still moving. Is anyone else having this issue? Makes me worry about the electricals incase of rain or something!
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Sounds like you didn't hook the plastic seat base onto the metal hook that holds the front of the seat.
I have found that if you over-tighten the two back seat bolts the front of the seat will "pop" away from the tank cover. I went to a hardware store and bought some rubber grommets and added an extra one to each side. This seems to help with accidentally over-tightening the back bolts.
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my seat has done that since I drove it home from the dealer. drives me nuts lol.
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