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I just put in my order for a madstad windshield. As they are so close to me down here in Tampa Florida I went and spoke to them in person and am actually getting my windshield custom made to fit what I want.

I will post pictures of it when I go pick it up and if there is enough Interest I may be able to see about getting a deal from them for the forums.

As of right now if you live in the area and can ride in he will give 20% if you pay with cash.

My windshield which is an inch wider on each side and 5 inches taller came to a total price of $114 installed.

They also make a touring windshield that is completely adjustable and that can be removed in seconds to put the fly screen back on.

Link to their site: http://www.madstad.com/s.nl/sc.7/category.13002/.f
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